Add your comments to the map below to help us plan for the future of the East County Line Road corridor.

Boulder County, in partnership with Weld County, the City of Longmont and the Town of Erie are seeking your input about the East County Line Road/Weld County Road 1 corridor from Highway 66 north of Longmont to Jay Road. Input from road users, property owners, businesses and residents will help identify concerns and issues to evaluate and will help prioritize potential improvements along this route. Please use the comment map to help us better understand your concerns and the type of projects and/or improvements you think are needed.

Please tell us:

  • Do you have safety concerns along the corridor? If so, where?
  • Do some areas feel "tight" and/or congested? If so, where?
  • Where do you have trouble turning, issues getting in/out of driveways and/or through intersections along the corridor?
  • Are there needs for pedestrian and/or bicycle improvements? If so, where?

Place as many pins and/or comments as you would like on the map. The more the better!

Boulder County East County Line Road Study Area

Having trouble viewing or using the map? Please email with your comments.

Recent Comments

road needs to be wider to allow cars to safely pass bikes

road needs to be wider to allow cars to safely pass bikes

As an avid cyclist, I have been trying to think through bicycle safety between Hwy 119 and Hwy 52. I do not think this section is a good route for bikes and only ride on it for short stretches. Like…