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ITD is planning for the future of the Yellowstone to Garrett Way connection.

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is currently evaluating the stretch of roadway between the intersection of Garrett Way/Gould and the intersection of Yellowstone/Oak Street. ITD is looking at current traffic conditions, future conditions and working with the public to identify issues and future projects for this section of roadway.

Below is an interactive comment map that was used for the public to share experiences, issues and concerns about this area. Currently, the study team is evaluating these comments and other traffic data to develop potential concepts and improvements for the area. For questions on this effort, contact Andrea Gumm at 208-870-8751.

Yellowstone to Garrett Way Map

Having trouble viewing or using the map? Please email with your comments.

Recent Comments

Disclaimer statement: We are not legally liable for any losses or damages that you may incur due to the expiration of Such losses may include but are not limited to: financial loss, dele…

Adding a third lane from the train tracks to Garret Way and allowing both far right lanes from Gould to Garret Way to turn right would solve a lot of traffic problems created from those on yellowstone…

This turn lane is impossible to use with east to west traffic coming off Gould street bridge. People are using W. Conner to avoid the light on N. Main street and Gould street. The volume of traffic an…